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曼联 练习 球衣 - 绿色

销售: US$45.00
定期: US$53.00
  • 产品编号: 12014542
  • 垂坠式背部衣摆
  • 0
  • 热转印
  • 圆领
  • 90% 再生聚酯
  • 10% 聚酯纤维
Push yourself to your maximum and make sure you’re ready for anything in the Manchester United Training Jersey - Green. To Manchester United players, the training jersey is more of an everyday item than a tee or hoodie. That's why adidas designed this training jersey for equal parts style and performance. The smooth fabric keeps you dry, whether you're on the pitch or off. With a club crest in front and a signoff in back, it shows your support whether you're coming or going.