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Manchester United 曼联 应季 羽绒 外套

您的价格: US$220.00
  • 产品编号: 12018325
  • 100% 聚酰胺
  • 表层:100%尼龙
  • 填充物:90%鸭绒 / 10%羽毛
  • 弹力袖口和衣摆
  • 前拉链口袋
  • 全长拉链
  • 长袖
  • 丝网印刷
  • 立领
There's no hiding your football loyalties. Inspired by the club's away jersey design, the seasonal colours on this adidas Man Utd down jacket show off a camo vibe. Its duck down and feather fill provides lightweight insulation when you're on the go. A club badge on the chest shows who you shout for.