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Manchester United SSP 羽绒服-黑色

您的价格: US$234.00
  • 产品编号: 12053243
  • 表层:100%聚酯纤维
  • 60%鸭绒 / 40%羽毛
  • 热封袖口
  • 常规版型
  • 正面全拉链
  • Bunjee 可调节风帽
  • 前拉链口袋
  • 内部拉链口袋
You've stood with them through thick and thin, so a bit of bad weather won't stop you from supporting Manchester United. This adidas jacket will keep you warm with duck down and feather insulation. A water-repellent finish sheds light rain and snow so you stay dry. Its internal zip pocket has a headphone channel to ensure you stay connected to your football world.This product is made with recycled content as part of our ambition to end plastic waste.