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曼联 adidas 风衣 - 黑色/透明粉色 - 女式

您的价格: US$76.00
  • 产品编号: 12069960
  • Primegreen
  • 垂坠式背部衣摆
  • 色块设计
  • 休闲版型
  • 全长拉链
  • 拉绳连帽
  • 10% 再生聚酯
  • 网面衬里
  • 翻口袖
A little foul weather ruining your plans? As if you'd let that happen. Toss on this adidas windbreaker and face the world knowing you're ready for whatever comes your way. A relaxed fit and full-length zip make it easy to put on and take off as you move through the day.This product is made with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials.