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Manchester United adidas 连帽衫 - 黑色混色 - 男装

您的价格: US$67.00
  • 产品编号: 12069928
  • 常规版型
  • 拉绳连帽
  • 53% 棉
  • 36% 再生聚酯
  • 11% 纤维胶
  • 袋鼠式口袋
Toss on this adidas sweatshirt for a cosy layer in cool weather. Pop the hood to cover up a case of bed head, then adjust the drawcord to get just the right fit. French terry brings the comfort for long days or some chill time at home.This product is made with recycled content as part of our ambition to end plastic waste. Our cotton products support sustainable cotton farming.