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曼联adidas B Bold连帽衫-鲜艳的红色/黑色/白色-男孩

您的价格: US$31.00
尺寸4-5 Years
  • 产品编号: 12051506
  • 拉绳
  • 弹力裤腰
  • 53% 棉
  • 36% 再生聚酯
  • 11% 纤维胶
Get up and go. These juniors' adidas shorts were made with a little bit of everything in mind. Their above-knee cut helps you stay cool when the day heats up, and their adjustable waist stays put even when you're on the go. And yes, they come with pockets.This product is made with recycled content as part of our ambition to end plastic waste.