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曼联 adidas 3 件套 口罩 - 黑色 - M/L

销售: US$17.00
定期: US$24.00
  • 产品编号: 12039805
  • 这款adidas口罩,面料别致,佩戴舒适,清洗方便,可重复使用,旨在帮你养成良好的卫生习惯。该口罩有助于提供遮覆,但未经医用或个人防护用品标准
  • 93% 再生聚酯
  • 7% 弹性纤维
  • 可清洗
  • 妥帖遮覆
  • 佩戴舒适
  • 弹力绕耳设计
Made with soft, breathable fabric the adidas Manchester United Face Cover is comfortable, washable and reusable for practising healthy habits every day. This cover is not a medically-graded mask nor personal protective equipment.