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通常価格: $38.00
  • 商品コード: 12070083
  • 伸縮性のある袖口
  • Primegreen
  • レギュラーフィット
  • 伸縮性ウエストのドローコード
  • コットン67%
  • リサイクルポリエステル33%
  • サイドポケット
  • 親水性仕上げ
  • 原産国:ベトナム
The game ends. That dedicated mentality doesn't. That's something that stays with you, fuels you and gets you to the next game. And then the next. During the in-betweens, these adidas pants settle you into comfort, also known as a well-deserved reward for all the work you put in. The O-shape design adds an edge to your look, tight around the ankles and hips, but looser around the thighs for a relaxed appearance. Which basically matches how you're feeling in these too. Chill.